Our Promise Kept. Daily

Our Promise is: "To be the trusted source of food experiences that inspire our customers and theirs, every day."

Our Promise Kept Daily

It’s a Promise that we make on every shift, on every delivery, in every department, by everyone at Grand River Foods.

Our QA and R&D teams are integrated into the customer service team for better, complete solutions. Our customers’ IT systems are integrated with our own for real-time market and product analysis. We collaborate with customers on new product development and share in the necessary R&D and equipment investments that allow us both to keep our respective promises to the consumer.


Craig Pearson, Director of Retail Sales

Craig Pearson Director of Retail Sales


Tim Eaton, Director of Foodservice Sales

Tim Eaton Director of Foodservice Sales


Tony Leone, Good Food Buyer

Tony Leone Director Commodity Sales & Protein Procurement