How We Make It Better

Quality ingredients in custom designed recipes, innovative creation and production, manufactured to uncompromising quality standards and delivered promptly.

How We Make It Better

This is how we make good food better.


A sophisticated blend of innovative technologies and the latest equipment on our 6 modular production lines, all in the hands of our experienced people make for high quality, mass-customized food products.

We use advanced technologies to bread, sauce and coat the food and state of the art equipment to grill, steam and roast over 200 chicken, beef, pork, seafood and vegetable products for our customers.

Product Development

At Grand River Foods we are about making good food better. We make continual investments in our people, facilities, technologies and equipment to ensure that our process and food solutions are continually improving.

We are staffed with highly trained food scientists, product developers and QA professionals, and in conjunction with our Culinary Director we deliver food solutions from concept to commercialization.

Food Quality and Safety

Good food is made to government regulated standards.

In our Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) approved and BRC certified facility we make it better by exceeding these standards.

We annually invest in global standard safety and quality technologies, all ably managed by the experienced Grand River Foods’ team of microbiologists and food scientists.

Customer Service

Consumers want food prepared to their liking and served promptly. Our grocery, restaurant and food service customers are no different. It’s why we have dedicated customer teams, use sophisticated inventory control systems and have our own fleet of trucks so that products get to stores, restaurants and on tables, on time and to order.

Jason Hunter, Head of Logistics/Services

Jason Hunter Director Logistics